This is some concept art for Vanguard Outpost.

   The Vanguard Outpost, also known as the Order of the Shield complex or Vanguard Castle, is either a world or part of a world in Sector 9. It was going to be in LU, but it was scrapped. The story is that it was a military outpost for the Vanguard, or the Sentinals. It was part of a wall being built that surrounded Nexus Tower, until it was attacked. The Maelstrom attacked it, and blew the piece of rock it was built on off Nexus Tower. Then, it floated off into a wormhole that happened to lead to Sector 9. Upon arrival, it was struck by a Maelstrom shard, which left a crater, infecting many plants, minifigures, defense mechs. The remaining minifigs decided to fight back. It can be either a world continuing the main storyline, or a side world.

NPC's Edit

There are multiple NPC's already planned by the LU team, but not very many. The developers can add some if they like.


Only one enemy was planned. More will probably need to be added.


  • Glowbug-Doesn't do anything, and is just there for decoration


That is the Vanguard Outpost. There are also three new smashable objects: a gargoyle statue, an obelisk, and an imaginite rock. I thought this was a pretty cool idea. What do you think? As always, if this is accepted, any developers may change anything they wish.

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