aka Adreck

  • I live in a brick built universe
  • My occupation is Building epic models
  • I am A Lego minifigure lost in time
  • Rc1140

    The imagination fountain was in LU, but we could do something like it, i made a concept of what it might look like.

    It might be a bit tall but its just a concept. 

    The Anvil we also could use as well, but i had an idea to make it an armour rack as you can see in the concept.

    The pot of healing (cant remember its real name :P ) could be used as a staff that you throw out (the concept aint the best)

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  • Rc1140

    Imagination punchers

    January 8, 2014 by Rc1140

    You can get these punchers from a quest from crux minor. There attack combo is 5+4+8.

    Speed : slow   Damage: 5    Weakness: small enemys    power up: drains 6 imagination.

    (Btw im still looking for a better name, please put suggestions below)

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