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Stormling Classes Edit

Cyborg Stormling trooper

Cyborg Trooper Edit

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Cyborg Stormling rocket trooper

Cyborg Rocket Trooper Edit

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Cyborg Stormling fire trooper

Cyborg Flame Trooper Edit

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Cyborg Stormling saw trooper

Cyborg Saw Trooper Edit

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Cyborg Stormling lord

Stormling Super Soldier? Edit

This guy was originaly a member of the Paradox group in the original Nexus force. He was part of a group of Paradox members that where tested to see if they qualified to the Paradox super soldier experiment along with Brick Fury. However, he did not qualify mentaly, because there was recods of him having been mentaly unstable at some parts of the The Nexus War, however the paradox member instead mistook this as one of the others had lied about him just to keep him from the powers the experiment could grant him. Long after the war had ended, he was one of the first to learn of the new Maelstrom threat, so he desited to prove himself by taking on the Maelstrom forces with a small team of fellow minded members, however they where defeated and only the Paradox member survived, only to be tricked by the Maelstrom Eccense so that it could gain info about the Nexus Force, he did that but only if the Maelstrom did the Super Soldier experiment on him. Now he has the power of the Paradox Super Soldiers but his mental problems have now made him a complete mad man, using the powers as a drug only wanting to push further with the powers, and as you might remember, even Brick Fury over heated. So now the former Paradox member is becoming a mobile time bomb with an ever growing, unstable Maelstrom power that will eventualy make him go in a big explosion that will be the Maelstrom version of a nuclear bomb, unless this traitor is stopped before he explode.