These are examples of ridable horse mounts.

LUHorse Mount

   These are ridable mounts. Mounts are things players can ride to make them move faster. Mounts were actually going to be added to LU, but were cancelled. Many different mounts will be available. Here is a list of some mounts that may be added They can come in many different colors. Some are:

LU Hoverboard
  • A Horse Mount
  • A Skeletal Horse Mount
  • A Skateboard
  • A Hoverboard
  • A Very Small Car
  • A Very Small Racecar
  • Dragon Mounts
  • Mech Mounts (Possibly with Weapons)

 None of the mounts will be very big, because big mounts can cause annoyance and havoc. The first picture was created by me, but the rest are pictures from LU. As always, if this idea is accepted, the developers can change it in any way they please.

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