In this game, players work together to survive until they can leave. The game will feature 1-4 players. Depending on players their will be a brick called a power brick for each player. Then that have to find the green power brick to power up the brickporter (teleporter). If a player gets a 15 unbrick (kill) streak will get the crafting birck. The crafting brick will allow you to break things that will regen and with the bricks that fall can be colleted. The player can build better weopans. All players can hold two weapons both melee or both range or mixed. When a player is unbricked and another player can be rebuilded that unbricked player.  When using a crafting brick a brickfield (forcefield) will rap around player and can stand up to a 100 hits. When you are unbricked you still keep crafting brick. Game ends when all players are unbricked or got all power bricks and the green power brick to brickporter. If you have brickporter and you get 50,000 or lower idk you decide, but you can keep crafting brick for the game itself or buy it with100,000 studs.


All power ups like carpeter can be on their.

Thx for reading

Malestrom Survival

Pic of game

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