Maelstrom infecter and infector

Maelstrom Infecter and Infector are some of the more rare enemies player can meet.

Maelstrom InfecterEdit

The Maelstrom Infecters is the larger sibling of Infectors, and have the ability to infect minifigures with the Maelstrom at a fast pase, and the ability to fly. Maelstrom Infecter however are not capable fighter and if a fight erupts that they can't get control over, they will quickly flee, ither until its safe, or flee to another world entirly.

Maelstrom InfectorEdit

The Maelstrom Infectors are the smaller sibling of the Infecers, however they lack the ability to fly, and have a slower Maelstrom infection power, but they are dangerous fighters and their strong limbs can cruch a Minifigure's bone with ease. They also have the ability to climb walls and to shoot a ray of consentrated Maelstrom energy from their eye. 

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