Hello! I am Darthatron, and I have a suggestion for a tutorial. This will probably never happen, but it seemed like a cool idea to me. The tutorial for Nexus Adventures could be the final battle between Minifigures vs. the Maelstrom! Your character could be a soldier, and it would have to learn to move and use weapons and other items to fight and defend against some of the maelstrom's minions that appeared in LEGO Universe, such as stromlings or the dragons. And the battle theme could be the LEGO Universe theme, except with war drums and a chorus to make it sound like it's fit for a battle. That would be really nostalgic. But, as I said, I thought it would be really cool. It doesn't have to be too fancy, maybe add a couple of burning buildings or crashed vehicles here and there, and some sound effects. It would be really cool to see. Of course, if you like my idea, but want to change something, feel free to do so. Well, thanks for reading!

   Sincerely, Darthatron

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