Hu Aryu is a Nexus Club Vendor who sells basic and elite gear. He is very optimistic about even the worst of items.


Basic Revolver - 200 Coins

Basic Shortsword - 200 Coins

Basic Axe - 200 Coins

Basic Pickaxe - 200 Coins

Basic Blaster - 200 Coins

Basic Battle Axe - 200 Coins

Basic Wrench - 200 Coins

Basic Meat Cleaver - 200 Coins

Improved Basic Shortsword - 200 Coins

Elite Future Sword - 1000 Coins

Elite King's Sword - 1000 Coins

Elite Guitar - 1000 Coins

Elite Ice Saw - 1000 Coins

Elite Buzzsaw - 1000 Coins

Elite Dwarven Axe - 1000 Coins

Elite Hammer (behind the buzzsaw) - 1000 Coins

Elite Tomahawk - 1000 Coins

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